Hi, We’re Pearson Advisory

0427_Pearson Advisory_06_PTechnically some of you already know us since we’ve been around for 3 years now, so in some respects this isn’t really an introduction but just a friendly wave of our collective hands.  But at the same time, we’re throwing out a fresh “Hello” to anyone new.

To those of you meeting us for the first time, our goal as a business in a sentence is this – provide high value tax and accounting services to the modern small business. We use the term “trusted advisor” frequently around here because that’s the ultimate goal of how we want to engage with you as practitioners.

As a group of trusted advisors, we hold ourselves accountable to ensure that:

1. Our core service offerings are simple and scalable.
2. Your financial information is accurate and accessible.
3. Our technical expertise is vast and relevant.
4. You’re able to engage with your practitioner year round in order to make proactive, not reactive decisions.
5. We know intimate details about your business in order to provide relevant advice.
6. Our fees are the product of the value you realize as a client, not simply based on how much time we spend on something.

We believe this is not the normal approach in most traditional accounting firms, but think it’s a superior one. Maybe you’ve worked with a firm in the past that gets the job done, but something is missing in the relationship and you want more. Or perhaps you’re a brand new entrepreneur and don’t even know the right questions you should be asking! We don’t propose to have a golden answer for every question, but we will actively participate in helping you develop and implement your business goals, near or long-term.  Through that process of dialogue and teamwork, we’ve found tremendous opportunities to serve small businesses in a variety of capacities.

Thanks for stopping by – we look forward to continuing the conversation…

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